Baby’s First Year, Second Year, Third Year Calendar

Most of us are familiar with that First Year Calendar with the Milestones and Special Day stickers. We try to write down those precious moments as we go through those multitude of phases that first incredible year.

But how many of you have continued a toddler calendar the second and third year? The second year still has many new changes and the third year you’ll find yourself writing down hilarious things they say.

I thought I’d be able to remember all those precious moments but as I go back and read the calendars, I realize how much I might have forgotten as the girls grew older. I’ve also noticed that had it not been for all the projects we are doing now, I probably would not be taking nearly as many photos as we did that first year with all the milestones.

There aren’t many 2nd year calendars on the market. I did find one from Current but for the third year I really like the Scrap Book It Calendar which has a great space for writing and pictures you can add.

Please share any other ways to keep those special moments remembered!

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