Fall Crafts!

nature and birdhouse

We love Fall!! It’s the perfect time to go collecting “nature” and making fun Fall Crafts. One of the girls favorite activities up in the mountains is to collect acorns, moss, pinecones and other items. They learned to identify the different plants and to create these fun crafts.

They made this Birdhouse which has retained most of it’s color from last year!! It is a beautiful mantle decoration right now. They also made some collages and headbands with the extra items collected.

What Fall Crafts are you enjoying!! Share your nature crafts with us too!

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  1. cute idea! we love to collect leaves too. my kids will never tire of doing leaf rubs with crayons on paper. beautiful, simple and free! thats whats great about nature:) fall is my favorite season of all time!

  2. Thanks!! Leaf Rubbings can be very pretty! We framed a few leaf rubbings. We did leaf prints this year which is something I need to write up soon. :)